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Hunter's Prayer: The Jill Kismet Books: Book Two

Hunter's Prayer - Lilith Saintcrow Never before have I really really wanted to like a main character, and yet struggled so much to do so. I spent most of the book wanting to say "Look, Jill, I understand that you've had a really difficult life....but why do you have to be such an ever-loving Bitch all the time???" Optimistically , I am hoping that this aspect of her character improves with time.Secondly....More Perry! Yeah, sure he's an evil demonic hellbreed....but he's INTERESTING!So in summary, I humbly ask whatever god is in charge of meaningless literary prayers....Please, Book #3: Less bitchiness...more Perry. Thank you.(Dropped my optimistic 3 Star Rating down to 2 Stars after reading book #3, only to find that NONE of my hopes were even close to realized)