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Redemption Alley (Jill Kismet Series #3)

Redemption Alley - Lilith Saintcrow Ok Jill...I'm done. I kept thinking you were going to get more interesting, that these books were going to be about more than gratuitous violence..and "I'm so tough I don't need to eat or sleep or be nice to anyone ever...blah blah blah..."I really thought these books were going to have some kind of story Arc. But it seems like all of the interesting things that could develop the Character happen OFF STAGE. Like her whole relationship with Saul. The fact that they got married is casually dropped in one sentence. Um...OK.And Perry....SOOOO much potential there. What motivates him, who is he really, what's his endgame. But instead Perry didn't even feature in this book. Perry's bad, so it's OK for Jill to use, manipulate, and generally mistreat him...um...who's the bad guy here?Jill is one of the LEAST sympathetic characters I have ever met in fiction. Yes, as a former whore, she had a rough life. But it didn't make her at all sympathetic to the prostitutes that were getting killed in the previous book. I could deal with that, if I felt like her character were going SOMEWHERE. But it's not. Every book is just more of the same. Jill acting all badass and constant violence and seeing the entire world in black and white.