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Drums of Autumn (Outlander, #4) - Diana Gabaldon The first 3 novels of the Outlander series are on my short list of books that I read over and over and over again and never tire of. When book #4 was first published, I was less than impressed. Though I continued to read the first 3 books every couple years, I never reread #4, and felt zero desire to read the subsequent installments.Recently, a chance conversation with one of the Librarians in my local branch, got me thinking about the series again. She convinced me to give the later books a chance. As it had been several years, I decided to start at the beginning.I suppose there is a chance that the book is simply better on the second read, and that may be a small part of it. However, I think it more likely that the changes I have experienced in the past 14 years has made me appreciate this book on a different level.In my early 20's, I yearned for and appreciated "happily ever after", and "True love conquers all" and "bad things don't happen to good people" kind of themes. I didn't understand then that life can be filled with equal parts good and evil, joy and sorrow, contentment and heartache.