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The Magician King (The Magicians #2) - Lev Grossman I send many thanks to the literary gods that this sequel didn't take a world that I loved and desecrate it. I went into this book nervous and apprehensive. When I read The Magicians it spoke to me in such an indescribable way. It resonated deep in my being. I understood Quentin and his unquenchable longing for that intangible thing that would finally bring him true happiness.This book opens with him one of the four reigning monarchs of Fillory. He lives in a castle with a myriad of servants ready to fulfill his every want and desire. And yet, still, Quentin is searching for something more.I found the first two thirds of the book entertaining as Quentin's story unfolded; enjoying in particular the back story of Julia and what she experienced after Quentin entered Brakebills and left her behind.And then suddenly in the last third of the book, I felt my excitement begin to build, as I saw the threads start to come together. It's difficult to say more without entering spoiler territory, so I will simply say that this ending impacted me as much, if not more than the previous book.