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Crank - Ellen Hopkins I checked this out several years ago. Excited because I had heard good things about it. But apparently nobody thought to mention the format. I opened it up, saw that it was in verse, and immediately threw it back in the return pile. I like novels, and I like poetry. But unless your an ancient Greek, I felt the two should not be mixed.But I was feeling adventurous of late, and thought that I would give it a try. To be honest, I found the verse much less off-putting then I thought I would. I'm not much for audiobooks, but I thought this would be an excellent one to listen to, as I often found myself liking the flow of words, and reading aloud.The story was good, a cautionary tale of the dangers of Meth. Though I found it a bit too over the top, which is maybe a bit ironic as it is loosely based on a true story. Looking forward to seeing how the tale ends.