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Love Wins: A Book About Heaven, Hell, And The Fate Of Every Person - Rob Bell I'm not sure how to rate this. Did I enjoy it? Not really. Religion played a very dark and painful role in my past, and dredging everything up is never pleasant. Should I rate it based on the quality of the writing? The authors habit of short sentences and paragraphs can get:Very.Irritating.After.Awhile.Should I rate it based on it's theology? Probably not. Based on the reviews many found it too radical. For me, it was still a bit too conservative.And yet, I don't feel like it was time wasted by reading it, though I felt like I was an outsider reading about some unknown culture, it didn't really feel like it belongs to me anymore.And yet, there was still this tiny glimmer, just one chapter near the end that made me think that just maybe, if things had been presented and applied differently in my experiences it might not have been so horrible.