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Burned - Ellen Hopkins My main thoughts on finishing this book are WTF? I found it interesting at first. I could relate alot to Pattyn's difficulty in questioning the faith/God as she is being taught.I was a little bit bored in the middle by the endless descriptions of horses, cows and ranchy stuff, but no biggie, just not my thing. But I was glad she gained perspective, I was glad she found happiness, I was frustrated that she was still under age and had to deal with her abusive Father.I was irritated by the accidental pregnancy, as I was kind of hoping the story wouldn't go there. But everything after that was just so random. Ethan dies? Ok Miscarriage? Ok God must not exist or be vengeful? I can see her going to that place. It's everyone elses' fault? Yeah, she has some ammo there, though she's verging on paranoid at this point. I'm going to get my gun and kill them all? Ok...Wait... WHAT?The character though agreeably pushed beyond the normal limits of what a human should have to endure, is nevertheless is in no way portrayed as the school shooter type.What exactly is the author trying to say here? That she has become like her Father? That this is what warped religious upbringing will do?As her whole point through most of the book seems to be encouraging Pattyn to question things, it strikes me as odd that the final moral of her story comes off as being "If you question anything about God, he will kill the people you care about and destroy your life."