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When She Woke - Hillary Jordan The First half of this book was 5 stars, the second half 3, Averaging out to 4 stars.I Absolutely LOVED the premise of this, people being melanchromed for there crimes. A murderer, gets their skin turned Red, a Child Molester; Blue, a Minor offender; Yellow...etc.Additionally the dystopian picture painted is that of a United States that has almost fully been taken over by Extreme Right-Wing Christian Fundamentalists. (ERWCF for the rest of this review)Because a decade of my life was spent as a ERWCF, I felt a kinship with Hannah as what it's like to be lost and adrift when you realize that not only has your faith abandoned you along with all the people you thought you could count on no matter what.The book is a modern day re-imagining of The Scarlet Letter, with a healthy dose of The Handmaid's Talethrown in. In my opinion there was enough story, and plenty of room for some deep character development, in the basic trappings of the story: Girl loves unwisely, Girl makes bad decisions, Girl gets caught, learns to live with the consequences, and learns something about herself and the world on her journey.However, Jordan takes that basic premise and adds way too much in the last half of the book: Hate groups, kidnapping, underground railroad, sold into slavery, and a spontaneous Lesbian love scene . It kind of left me spinning.