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The Off Season - Catherine Gilbert Murdock 3.5 Stars I closed this book feeling a bit like I'd been hit by a freight train. How was it even possible that 277 pages contained SO MUCH?To be honest for a moment it lost a bit of its realism with me, because it felt like there were too many bad things happening at once. Which I realized was a really unfair assessment when I took a moment to think about it. I myself had a year in my life, where so many things happened, that I didn't think that I could possibly process anything else.I think the author did an excellent job of showing how to keep perspective in life. (Something may seem like it's the worst thing that could possibly happen, until something truly horrible happens). And I liked that DJ realized that she deserved better than Brian, even though he wasn't necessarily a bad guy.The part with Win was unbelievably frustrating for me, for much the reason that I had a problem with Dairy Queen, I want to smack her parents repeatedly for constantly putting their duties onto her. And I want DJ to stand up for herself more. But I think she is growing in that direction. All in all, a very nice sequel. I am looking forward to reading the third (and final?) book Front and Center