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Mastiff - Tamora Pierce I had a hard time getting into this book at first. I was immediately blindsided on the first page with the fact that Beka had a dead fiance. This was so jolting. But I can chalk that up to Reader arrogance. (Even if years have passed between stories, nothing is supposed to actually happen.)Admittedly I was also distracted by another book, so I put this one on hold until I got that one out of my system.There were some things I really loved about this book (FARMER!), but other things that just didn't sit right with me. And the plot twist was really hard to take. I took Tunstall's betrayal personally; the hurt, the shock... Many will say that it was "out-of-character" But when isn't betrayal out of character? If we expected it of someone, then it would be, uh, "in character". In many ways this book reminded me of life, of the pain of growing up, of facing reality. People aren't always what seem, people come in to your life for a season, but not forever, and sometimes we make bad choices that there is no coming back from.Still it left me feeling a bit unsettled even with the happy ending