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Between - Jessica Warman Ever since I read Remember Me in High School, I've been a big fan of the "Girl Dies, Girl tries to find out why" book. So I was really looking forward to reading this.It didn't disappoint, not really, it's just that the Main Character Liz was such a spoiled entitled Bitch, that sometimes it was difficult to care, and I often wondered how she managed to live as long as she did.Yes, yes, she had reasons for being so awful. But reasons might help you understand, but it doesn't give her a pass, which she seemed to think she was entitled to. (Lots of "I'm sorry I was so horrible, but it wasn't my fault").That was the major flaw of the book. And I suppose the challenge, to write a character that's bad enough someone would want to kill her, but still sympathetic enough that the reader feels bad about it.