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Pandemonium - Lauren Oliver I really enjoyed this book. I thought it was good in it's own right, and not just as part of a series. I liked the new characters, I liked the way that Lena changed as her circumstances changed throughout the novel. I found the story compelling and realistic. Until the very last page. I am so pissed that Alex is alive. I am so sick of the constant needs for love triangles in YA novels. Please authors, listen to me...it's totally possible to write a compelling popular story without love triangles or instalove! It's not that I personally have anything against Alex. Honestly, my memory of him is kind of vague from the first book.I don't usually demand realism in my books, but sometimes it's nice. You fall in love, sometimes that love ends (through death or some other reason), you hurt, you wish you were dead, and you think you will never recover, but life goes on. You mourn, you heal, and often you love again. Which is what Lena did. I know alot of people will probably be excited about the ending, but somehow, for me it kind of cheapened it. I don't know if I even want to read the last book now. It will most likely be filled with constant angst of oh no, who should I be with?? The world is falling apart, but I must decide who I should be with before I can deal with that Ok, I might just be in a bad mood, LOL