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James Tiptree, Jr.: The Double Life of Alice B. Sheldon - Julie Phillips I am currently halfway through this book, halfway through the story of Alice Sheldon's life, and already she has been:An African explorer in her childhoodA debutanteAn unhappy young wife and college dropoutA WAC in WWIIThe owner / operator of a chicken HatcheryAn employee of the CIAA College / Graduate / Doctoral StudentA Doctor of PsychologyAnd in her late 40's has just become a Science Fiction Writer.Makes me feel a bit lazy!This was a fascinating book. I was not familiar with her as an author, but I came across this book one day on Goodreads. The explanation alone was enough to make me immediately reserve it from the library.And yet, after reading these 400+ pages, I don't feel like I'm any closer to REALLY knowing who Alice Sheldon was. And maybe that's the point, it didn't seem that she ever really knew herself either.I was a quite disturbed by the ending. They keep referring it as a suicide pact, however, it was pointed out at least twice that her husband Ting didn't necessarily want to die. Wouldn't that make it murder suicide (or at the very least some sort of manslaughter?) To be honest, I would still be bothered by them both committing suicide, but this makes it so much worse! But I'm defnitely going to have to check out some of "James Tiptree Jr.'s" work!