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S.J. Adams
Life After Life
Kate Atkinson
The Ask and the Answer (Chaos Walking, #2)
Patrick Ness
My Soul to Steal - Rachel Vincent This is definitely my favorite of the series thus far. After finishing book #3, on my lunch hour, I started this book after I put the baby to bed, and got hubby off to work. And then I started reading voraciously! At 10PM the Angel on my shoulder said "You should really fold some of that laundry and then start getting ready for bed"But the Devil on the other shoulder answered "How can you go to bed without knowing what is going on with the B*tch Sabine?"At 11PM the Angel said "Forget the Laundry, just go to bed, you have work tomorrow"To which the devil replied "But...Nash and Kaylee's relationship is still so undecided...will you be able to sleep without knowing if they resolve things??"At Midnight, the Angel was off pouting somewhere and the Devil was looking smug as I read the last page, quickly turned off the light and snuggled down into my pillow.When the baby started crying 5 minutes later, I swear I heard some laughing...I can't decide if it was the Angel or the Devil...