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If I Die - Rachel Vincent Wow, this book blew me away. As much as I found the first book a fun, enjoyable read, I didn't expect this series to grow on me the way that it did. The evolution of the characters is amazing, and this book took them to a place I hadn't previously imagined, yet I ended up both shocked and happy when they arrived, to my own personal surprise. I was SO mad at Tod in the previous book when he told Kaylee that her and Nash didn't belong together. I thought he was being a total ass. But still, It for some reason didn't occur to me AT ALL that he had feeling for her. It wouldn't of mattered. At that point I still wanted Kaylee and Nash back together. I think probably for similar reasons as Kaylee.Because Sabine was a Bitch, and damn if she deserved him. And because in some sappy place in my heart I wanted to believe that love could conquer all, and that things could return to what they'd been.So in many ways in this book, I experienced revelation along with Kaylee. The hard truths about Nash, and seeing Tod in a new light. And so the changes felt true...and right. (I know, I know...live vicariously much??) All in all, this was in my opinion the best book of the series thus far.