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The Fiery Cross (Outlander, #5) - Diana Gabaldon I definitely have mixed feelings about this book. It was just entirely too long. Don't get me wrong, we've come to expect that from Diana Gabaldon, but well...usually...something actually happens, to make the length acceptable, but I would say that only maybe 200 pages of this book involved actual plot.You think that it would make the book a horrible, boring waste of time, but somehow it was still interesting. At least, I think die hard fans would find it so. It was like a case study of what happens in a fairy tale after the happily ever after, or what is actually occuring during those 4 months where most authors would simply write "Four Months Later" or "The Following Spring".I probably was more willing then most to overlook the constant references to breastfeeding (as I am currently doing so) and the cute little things that babies/toddlers do that only parents and Grandparents find interesting.Still, one can't help to hope that the next book contains a bit more action.