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Notes on the Hauter Experiment: A Journey Through the Inner World of Evelyn B. Chestnut - Bernice Grohskopf So you know how sometimes a book you read as child sticks in your brain. It wasn't even necessarily that good of a book, or sometimes even particularly noteworthy, but the very fact that you can't remember the name or Author drives you crazy?For years I have been trying to remember this book that I read as around age 11 or 12. I remember it being in the "science fiction" section of the Juvenile books. I remember the cover being a piece of notebook paper, and I remember it being about a girl who wakes up in some kind of detention center. (and I remember a tiny thing about the end that I won't share because it's all spoilery).So months ago I posted a query on the "What's the Name of that Book" group, but didn't really get any responses. But last week, while reading other peoples entries, someone mentioned this book as a possible answer. After looking at it, I was excited that this could be THE book. I wasn't able to find any pictures of the cover online, but was happy to learn that my library system had 3 copies of this book (nice as it is long out of print).After receiving it, the cover doesn't look like I remember, but it does have a piece of notebook paper (there could have been more than one cover design) and the story seems to match (though I remember so very little about the actual story), So I'll have to finish it to know for certain.****************************************************************Yep, I think this is the book, though most of it I didn't remember, the few details I did matched up perfectly.The premise was interesting, but I can't say that I cared for the ending.