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Kushiel's Dart - Jacqueline Carey ***Added 12/28/11*** Just finished this for the 3rd time, in as many years. The world that Carey created has become like an old familiar friend to me. Her books, like comfort food. Which means of course, that I can no longer reliably give this an impartial or unbiased review. Yes it has flaws. (A bit too much foreshadowing..."I did not yet know the cost of these words...." blah blah blah), but the story is unbelievably epic. And my love for it, compels me to raise my rating to 5 stars. Any 1000+ page book that I would read 3 times has earned that honor! May 2010 - Having recently read books 2-7, which I liked very much, and having remembered this book as simply ok, I thought I would read it again, to see if I enjoyed it more knowing the end results of the story.Though I did find it infinitely more interesting (not to mention easier to follow), I must admit that Carey's writing and storytelling has only gotten better through her subsequent books. Nevertheless because I am so fond of the world and characters she created, I raised my rating of this book from 3 to 4 stars.4th Read: 5/14/20133rd Read: 12/28/20112nd Read: May 2010Originially Read: 12/8/2008