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On the Island - Tracey Garvis-Graves Ok, this book gets 3 stars for readability and 2 stars for content, making it about 2.5 Stars.I confess, this is not my usual type of book, I usually give any kind of chick lit a wide berth, but I am intrigued by survival stories, so I thought this might be worth a read. To say that I was disappointed in this, was putting it mildly. A subject that could have pushed the limits and been thought provoking, instead mires in mediocrity and safety. I expected the relationship between Anna and TJ to be compelling, to push the boundaries, to make us question what happens when Ethics and Mores are put to the test, in a situation where everything is different. Instead the author decided to play it safe, but waiting a full two years when TJ was appropriately 19 before the relationship developed. I just didn't find this realistic.It seems to me, that after being on the island 6 months, 9 months, a year, when hope of rescue is non-existent, that you would take solace in the only other human being. A lot of their conversations were unrealistic as well. I am sure at first that Anna would have been careful to keep the topics appropriate. However, I find it unlikely that she would have never discussed her relationship with her long-term boyfriend (including his Name!!!) for a full year. Though parts of the novel were interesting, it failed to live up to its potential.