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Bullet - Laurell K. Hamilton When I first found the Anita Blake books, I was first intrigued, then impressed, then amazed, then enthralled, than slightly co-dependent, than sad, than disgusted, and finally done.Like an empowered woman I walked away from Anita Blake after an 18 book relationship. For 3 years, I never one regretted this decisions. Oh sure, from time to time I'd hear rumors that Anita hadn't even begun to hit rock bottom, but I lived in happy ignorance. Until the day that I saw Bullet sitting on my e-libraries "Recently Returned" shelf. Without thinking, I clicked "Borrow" saying to myself "It doesn't mean I'll actually read it".When I started it, I found it hilariously bad. It actually took 100 pages to introduce Anita's many loves / sex partners. It had a big giant Orgy. Richard came back, complete with a personality-transplant. I mean who could take this seriously?I meant to stop reading then, but could I really stand not knowing if Anita would ever have control of ALL the Tigers? How would she handle naughty Lion Rex Haven? Would she ever actually let one of the men she loved touch another woman. Would she ever lose her lose her lesbiphobia? (Actually a real word, huh) And what about (insert random vampire politics here)?Do I really care about any of that? No. Did I continue reading? Yes. I even strangely enjoyed it, and am now filled with self-loathing.To anyone else who has blessedly never discovered this series. If you are weak...run away! If you are strong, go ahead and read the first 10 books, then add "And Anita lived happily ever after" and for all that is holy, stop there!To the author: read [a:Jacqueline Carey|9237|Jacqueline Carey|http://d.gr-assets.com/authors/1205262579p2/9237.jpg]'s Kushiel's Dart trilogy, for an example of how to correctly write a story of a woman as a sexual being who may have multiple loves/lovers.