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The Negotiator (O'Malley Series, Book 1) - Dee Henderson Once upon a time I was a very conservative fundamentalist Christian. And like a good girl I only would read Christian novels (no devilish secular works for me, no ma'am!). And Dee Henderson (and this series) was one of my absolute favorites. When I recently noticed it on the Amazon Kindle freebie list, I thought it might be fun to download it and reread it 10 years (and a major deconversion) later.Overall, it reminded me a bit of J D Robb's In death series, except instead of crazy unbelievable sex scenes, we instead got proselytizing and random religious references. With those removed, it was a nice simple mystery romance with fairly decent writing. The religious aspect was fairly minimal for the first half, but became a bit overwhelming near the end of the book. (And a bit unrealistic if you ask me)I always loved the concept of the O'Malley family, 7 orphans who adopted each other and became a family, even if they all a bit Mary Sue/Gary Stu. Though I doubt I will reread the rest of the series. 2nd Reading: 7/4/2013 (3 Stars)Original Reading: 2000 or 2001 (Original Rating 4 Stars)