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Stray (Touchstone, #1) - Andrea K. Höst 3.5 StarsStrengths:1.Strong MC2. No love Triangles3. A few mentions of a kinda-crush, but no major romance arc.4. Interesting world building5. Refuses to categorize peoples, societies or worlds as black and white, but as the much more realistic shades of gray.6. A very realistic portrayal of the problems and difficulties that arise when you don't know the language / understand the culture.Weaknesses:1. The world was a bit confusing at first, and I think it might have been explained better. I didn't get it long after it made sense to the MC2. The sheer number of characters was also a bit confusing. Because she was constantly working with 12 different squads made up of 6 people each, they tended to all run together in my head after awhile.I very rarely read indie authors, but this one had been on my radar for 2 years, so when it went up briefly as a free download on amazon, I was glad I could finally read it. I will definitely be checking out the remaining books in this trilogy, and other books written by this author.