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Origin - Jennifer L. Armentrout (3.5 Stars, rounded up to 4 due do to love of the first 2 books)I have so many mixed feelings about this book, and after a re-read of the first 3 books, about the whole series. It pains me to say that. When I found the Lux series last winter, it was like the Instalove that we all like to rant about.It reminded me a bit, of what it would be like, if after 3 years of marriage, I could go back and glimpse my husband and I in our desperately-in-love-and-can't-keep-our-hands-off-each-other phase. So much of it would put a smile on my face, the sweetness, the giddy happiness, the all-is-suddenly-right-in-the-universe-because-I've-found-the-perfect-partner feeling.But if I'm being perfectly honest, there would most likely be things that would make me cringe a bit with the cheesiness factor. Or I might be tempted to yell to my former-self to stop the PDA because nobody wants to see that! Or to roll my eyes when I see myself giggling at that little quirk he has, knowing that 3 years later it was going to drive me crazy!My point being that many relationships start out in a happy rose-colored glasses place that might be a tiny bit divorced from reality. And that is a bit what I felt re-reading the lux series. Whereas the first time I was just sucked in to an awesome story. This time I saw all the little imperfections that I overlooked the first time. Though the first book is still completely awesome, 5-star-worthy, I have some reservations about the rest, the 3rd & 4th books in particular.There is still time to save this, it all depends on the last book. I can forgive a weaker book in a series of 5. There were parts of this book I enjoyed, finding out more background info (even if it was supplied somewhat through info dumping), and Archer, he was an awesome addition. The thing that most people don't like but is totally spoilery...yeah, didn't care for that either. But I found the ending exciting, enough to give me a reason to look forward to the last and final book.