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When the Bough Breaks - Lois Duncan I consumed with a fiery passion everything Lois Duncan wrote during my middle school years, so I was very surprised today to stumble upon this book (which I had never heard of ) today in a thrift shop.I see that it is an adult book (I didn't realize she ever wrote adult books), but think it will still be an interesting read.After Reading it: This book did not go in the direction that I thought it was going to go at all. As it was published in 1973, and that it was the story of a divorced middle-aged mother of 3 who finds herself pregnant by her much younger casual lover; I thought it might end up being about feminist power, or that it might be an anti-feminist cry to protect traditional values.In reality (and thankfully) it was neither. It was about the complexity of relationships and decisions and how they affect the ones we love, our family and our future.The part that affected me the most was how differently society viewed babies born out of wedlock. I mean, I was well aware of what it was like for unwed mothers back 30,40,50 years ago. But I think most of the things I've dealt with on that topic, were young girls, who were forced into marriage or forced by parents to give away their babies. For some reason It never occurred to me that your options were not that different just because you were already a mother, and capable of making your own decisions.This book also explored the protagonist's relationship with her children, especially her 15 year old daughter, and the reasons why her marriage had failed.