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Risking Everything Coming Out In Coffee Land - Elizabeth Worley It's hard for me to rate this, as I feel like I'm rating someone's life more than a book. The book itself was ok, though it often got bogged down in tedious details and tangents (coffee making, organics, local history, etc.) And to be honest, I just couldn't understand a lot of her decisions. Like staying married to her husband. By the time the book ended she had been in a relationship with her girlfriend for 5 years, her husband was in a different relationship of his own, they lived separately, and he had even tried to steal their coffee farm from her. Even after that, she didn't divorce him?? The kids were grown and accepted her new relationship. I just don't get it, why?Which makes me think the title was a bit of an overkill, she wasn't really "risking everything" in my opinion.Oh well, it was free on amazon, and interesting in parts. 2.5 Stars.